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Adele |New Novel

Set in London, England, during the Edwardian Era.

Adele escapes from her domineering husband in Yorkshire, fleeing to her lover Liam in London. But Liam is not the man she though he was, his courtship of her being motivated by revenge against her husband for historical wrongs.

Adele is introduced to Miss Henrietta who, recognising her talents, sets about grooming her for a life as a high-class courtesan and takes her to  gala occasions, including Ascot. There she comes to the covert notice of His Majesty himself.

Adele meets Ben, also a protegé of Miss Henrietta, and in Liam’s absence is grateful for the company he provides. But she is also drawn to the burgeoning Suffragette movement, disruptive of the very society to which she now finds herself in thrall.

Work in progress by Mike Silkstone.

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