Whitby Writers Group

a self-help writers co-operative

About Us

rosie_the_riveterWe share work-in-progress and news of members’ latest submissions.

We offer fair, positive and creative criticism of each others’ work.

We publish the odd anthology and run the occasional workshop given by members or invited speakers.

We stage book-launches for members’ latest books.


We meet fortnightly on Thursdays, 11 AM to 1 PM
at La Rosa Hotel.
No meetings in August, or over the Christmas/New Year period.

  • For the dates of this year’s meetings, see the Calendar.
  • For the latest news plus minutes of our meetings, see the Home page.
  • To enquire about the Group, please send us a message via the Contact page.


Coronavirus lockdown, 2021

Update: 14 June 2021

With the re-opening of La Rosa’s tearoom for guests, we have resumed fortnightly meetings as before.

Note that the tearoom is closed to the public on the day of the meeting.


Special rules govern the conduct of open events, i.e. those which admit members of the public off the street. They concern fire regulations, insurance, entrance fees etc and are onerous to comply with. In consequence most clubs and societies run their meetings as private events for members only, or by invitation only. Whitby Writers Group is no exception.

When booked for a private event, the tearoom is closed to the public. If you fancy attending a meeting, please don’t just turn up. Otherwise the hotel and the club chairman (me) are legally obliged to refuse you entry.

Send me a message via the Contact page introducing yourself and providing full name and a personal email address. Give me at least 24 hours’ notice (though I’d prefer more, say 7 days). I shall reply by email with an invitation, although strictly speaking this will be at my discretion. The venue places a limit on the numbers attending, so please don’t be offended to be told you are on the waiting list.

Ian Clark, Chairman, WWG
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