Whitby Writers Group

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These stories and novels have been serialised on this site by permission of the author(s).

Bad Star

Inner Space

Red Visitor

The Monstosaurus — a Spookie and Dyspepsia story

Spookie and Dyspepsia go to Mars

The Earthspot — a Spookie and Dyspepsia story

The Last of the Time Cats — a Spookie and Dyspepsia story

The Door Out Of Hell — a school-leaver in 1961 becomes a mental health nurse

Who Knackered Aragorn’s Catamite? — satirical whodunnit set in Gondor 50 years after the Ringwars.

Landfall at Voronka — an extract from The Titan Kiss

Anitra’s Petition (work-in-progress) — the sequel to The Titan Kiss

Chota Sahib – you’ve had a busy day — the memoir of a box-wallah in pre-WW1 India

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