Whitby Writers Group

a self-help writers co-operative


Q. Is Whitby Writers Group the only such group in Whitby?

A. No. There are four other Whitby groups we know of:

  1. Whitby Library Writers Group.
  2. Whitby Whaler Writers Group.
  3. An informal Poetry Group which meets in member’s homes on alternate Thursdays (…in the weeks we don’t meet).
  4. A Creative Writing Group which meets in the organiser’s home on alternate Fridays (…in the weeks we don’t meet).

Groups 3 and 4 are affiliated to us.

Send us a message with your email address and phone number using the Contact page and we will pass it to the organiser of the appropriate group for getting in touch with you.

Q. How long have you been going?

A. Since 2004, without a break.

Q. How many members do you have?

A. There are 18 people on our list, of which around half attend regularly. Some live too far away or have clashing commitments, but have asked to remain in touch, to receive meetings reminders and other news by email. You are welcome to join the Group on this basis.

Q. How do I get on the mailing list?

A. Send us a request with your email, your phone number and (optionally) your address, using the Contact page. We use your address to send out the occasional complimentary ticket or formal invitation.

Q. How much will it cost me?

A. There are no subscription fees or hidden extras. We use the Venue on the understanding we will each buy a tea or coffee (£2.50), collected by the Chairman during the meeting.

Q. Does Whitby Writers Group publish members’ books, poems or stories?

A. No.
However in past years the Group has published two anthologies of members’ work under the imprint of Undead Tree Publications. On both occasions this was a decision made by a quorum of members at one of the ordinary meetings. There is no guarantee this will happen again in future years.

Q. How is Undead Tree Publications connected to the Whitby Writers Group?

A. Undead Tree Publications (UTP) is entirely independent of the Whitby Writers Group. It is a not-for-profit imprint of an independent (“indie”) publishing house, run as a hobby by one of our members. Some members have self-published their own books under this imprint, but there is no obligation or even recommendation to do so.
UTP is only for you if you know your prospective audience and will be selling the books yourself, and are happy for royalties to be paid to a registered charity.
Currently UTP is only accepting manuscripts from active members for consideration. If you have a question concerning Undead Tree Publications, use the Contact page and we will be happy to forward it.

Q. Does WWG run classes in creative writing?

A. Alas, no.
Occasionally we invite outside speakers on topics of interest to members, and members will run workshops on their special skill, e.g. word-processing, or publishing on Kindle/Lulu, but we offer no set training in the craft of creative writing. Our members have mostly learned to write “on the job”.
Members however have been known to volunteer their experiences of using paid writing courses during group meetings by word-of-mouth.

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