Whitby Writers Group

a self-help writers co-operative


We meet at La Rosa Hotel, 5 East Terrace, Whitby, in the Lewis Carroll-themed Mad Hatter’s Tea Room (enquire its whereabouts at the front desk) from 11 AM to 1 PM on alternate Thursdays (see our Calendar for the year).

Potential new members, or the Simply Curious, please read the “Polite Notice” at WWG/About Us.


Parking in West Cliff is complicated, and has been known to catch people out. Be sure to find out what sort of parking space you are using. Basically there are two sorts:

  • Pay-and-display zones, which are free of charge from November 1st until March 1st. (During the free months, the parking meters are covered in sacks of black fabric).
  • Disk zones, where parking is for a maximum of 3 hours (formerly 2 hours). Bring your own parking disk to set to your arrival time for when you leave your car.

In peak holiday periods it may be difficult to find suitable parking close to La Rosa Hotel. But with a short walk you can escape the controlled-parking area, shown here in colour:

  • either along North Promenade until the road turns inland
  • or else along Crescent Avenue to Upgang Lane.


Click here to see a bigger map.

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