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Mike Silkstone

Mike Silkstone has written several acclaimed novels (listed below). In 2017 he was one of ten poets shortlisted in a national competition The Great British Write-off. He is a member of Equity and has in recent years performed as a background artiste for films and TV.

His ongoing projects include This Is My Yorkshire, a collection of poems in Yorkshire dialect; more magazine articles; plus a new novel: Adele (98% complete).

Mike is the author of the following published works:

Mike Silkstone, Satan Garth (The “Steeas” Trilogy) (2012),
ISBN 978-1-898728-23-8
…buy it on Amazon

Mike Silkstone, Three Loves (The “Steeas” Trilogy) (2011),
ISBN 978-1-898728-22-1
…buy it on Amazon

Mike Silkstone, Seasons o’Steeas (The “Steeas” Trilogy) (2011),
ISBN 978-1-898728-20-7
…buy it on Amazon

Mike Silkstone, Alan Beaumont’s Dilemma,
Human Interfaces,
ISBN 978-1-898728-41-2
…buy it on Amazon

Mike Silkstone, Gay’s The Word! (2012)
Human Interfaces,
ISBN 978-1-898728-29-0
…buy it on Amazon

…plus dozens of magazine articles and assorted contributions to these anthologies:

Ian Clark (ed), Thunderbolts & Haggomsteeans:
An Anthology of Poems and Stories by Whitby Writers
ISBN 978-1898728429
…buy it on Amazon

Ian Clark (ed), A Song for the Bees:
An Anthology of Poems and Stories by Whitby Writers (2010),
ISBN 978-1-898728-19-1
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…buy black-and-white (affordable) edition


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