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Proceedings of Virtual Meetings

Some members have been unable to access the Virtual Meetings we’ve been having, to keep both the Poetry Group and the La Rosa Group ticking over until we can meet again in-person. You can download the proceedings of each meeting by clicking on the links below:

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_26_March_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group —  VPG_9_Apr_2020[COMMENTED-2]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_23_Apr_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_7_May_2020[COMMENTED2]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_21_May_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_4_Jun_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_18_Jun_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_2_Jul_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_16_July_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_30_July_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_13_Aug_2020[COMMENTED]

Virtual Poetry Group — VPG_27_Aug_2020[COMMENTED]


Whitby Writers Group — WWG_2_Apr_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group —  WWG_16_Apr_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_30_Apr_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_14_May_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_28_May_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_11_Jun_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_25_Jun_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_9_Jul_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_23_Jul_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_6_Aug_2020[COMMENTED]

Whitby Writers Group — WWG_20_Aug_2020[COMMENTED-2]


Contact the chairman via the Contact Page if you have difficulty downloading these PDF documents.

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