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Sending a written contribution to the Editor

The Editor regrets to say he only accepts contributions (hereafter referred to as “poems”) from members of Whitby Writers Group, or the Poetry Group, or from others by prior arrangement. Apart from these restrictions, the method is flexible and boils down to whatever you need to do to get it before my eyes, in a form that I can read.

Here are some suggestions:

By Telephone

If the poem is brief (500 words or less) read it out over the telephone, to a number I shall give you on request (use the Contact Form). You will need to leave it as a recorded message, by following the recorded instructions you will hear.

By Post

Put it in an envelope and post it to me. In my recent experience First Class Post is arriving by the next day. As with Telephone (see above) you will need my postal address, which I shall give you on request.

By photo from your mobile phone

Most modern mobile phones take a reasonably legible photograph of a document. If it is an older model, you may find it best to photograph the four quarters of a sheet of A4, with enough overlap to help me guess how it all goes together.

Just about all mobile phones that take a photo have some means of transferring the photo to the desktop of a computer, or of sending it by email to a recipient.

To reach me, send or export the photo by email to: info@whitbywriters.com

By Email

If you have your contribution in the form of a computer file, then a range of more convenient methods present themselves:

  • Copy/paste the text of the file into the Contact Form.
  • Export the file (look for an “Export” option in the Main Menus, or a little document with an arrow pointing UP OUT of it.)
  • Start an email to info@whitbywriters.com and attach the file (look for a button saying “Attach files” or “Attach a file”).
  • Start an email to info@whitbywriters.com and copy/paste the file directly into the message area.
  • Start an email to info@whitbywriters.com and drag the file icon from your desktop onto the message area.

If it’s all too much, get in touch with me and together we’ll work something out.


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