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The Titan Kiss


Published by Earthspot Books
in multiple editions:

The Titan Kiss (2014), paperback,
ISBN 978-1-898728-31-3
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The Titan Kiss (2016), hardback,
ISBN 978-1-898728-37-5
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Also available as:

Ex-quarryman Jack Williams and his wife Hilda welcome their only son Harry back home from Nix City to their 1970s pit village in Durham’s Wear Valley. But Harry brings with him a strange fiancée from another world: a groubian called Tvoul Rainbow. And a fifty-thousand year-old longing is all set to be fulfilled… bringing ruin on everyone concerned.

Jack, little-travelled, has problems accepting Tvoul. But soon she captivates him—and he gives his blessing to the couple’s marriage. But a sinister wedding guest from Nix City warns Jack his son is in dire peril. The news kills Hilda and catapults Jack on a fearful quest across five world to uncover the heart-breaking truth of Harry’s star-crossed love.

Is Jack the resolute hero, seeking redress for his lost wife and son? Or a deluded cripple, in thrall to bitter prejudice – the catspaw of shady interests whose motives he will never comprehend? And is redress to take the form of justice… or heedless revenge?

by Clark Nida (2014).

I am just loving our man on Mars…
How does anyone even think this up?
—Serena (Perth, Au.)

I loved the idea of a large camera-obscura on the moon, pointing at the earth.
—Sheila (La Palma)

When I finished I read it through a second time,
much more carefully.
—Mitali (Gateshead)

I enjoyed this so much that I missed it when it ended.
A clever story, with twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting.
Read really well by the author, and with all sorts of interesting characters to love or hate, or love and then hate and then maybe love again!
—Mel (KL)

I liked it a lot: solid sci-fi,intriguing plot, wonderful prose.
—Stefano (Milan, It.)

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