Received from Jenny Hill, 30 April 2018…

We thought you might like to know, or be reminded, about our next performance of A Rehearsal of the Life and Death of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex.

Our presentation is best described as ‘a-concert-within-a-play,’ as the production is bejewelled with exquisite lute songs from the Tudor period, by Dowland and others from the circle of Queen Elizabeth I. The songs feature some wonderful Elizabethan poetry, by poets such as Fulke Greville and Essex himself, and are performed by myself as singer, and lutenist Simon Nisbett.

It is set in 1624, where Richard and Susannah, a lutenist and singer, are preparing a concert to mark the publication of a book – Gervase Markam’s Honour in his Perfection, which is dedicated to the Earl of Essex. Although he was executed for treason over two decades before during Elizabeth’s reign, aged only 36, the hero-worship that existed during his lifetime continued into the reign of King James, and he had a huge following. The play, written by Jenny Hill, tells of the eventful life of his years at court, and later as a soldier, his sometimes stormy relationship with the Queen, and the tragedy of his early death.

Our next performance is at Woodend Arts Centre in Scarborough, on Saturday 19 May 2018 at 7.30pm. Tickets, £10, are available from 01723 384500 or

Jenny Hill & Simon Nisbett: Merry Melancholy.

There is further information on our website at and our Facebook page