Welcome to another edition of WWG NEWS.

Well… the Virtual Poetry Group was a partial success. A PDF of the poems members contributed was produced and circulated, but feedback has been sparse. Our face-to-face meetings were all about feedback, which came naturally to a small group of friends meeting in each others’ homes. Nothing computerised can rescue that, when we’re forbidden to meet.

But I didn’t make it awfully clear how to provide feedback. The message I’d hoped to convey was: any way you like…

  • press the Reply button on the email you got with the PDF attached
  • send me an email to ask what happened
  • use the Contact form on this website (it automatically tells me your email if I want to reply)
  • go to the bottom of this page where it says LEAVE A REPLY.

If I get feedback by multiple routes I will batch it all together and send out another PDF. Or maybe it will be an updated version of the first PDF.

Failing any better way of doing it, I will do it all over again for the full WWG meeting next Thursday (cancelled at La Rosa, alas).


CostCutter, at The Parade, Whitby, now has seriously reduced hours of opening. Something like 10 AM to 2 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to midday, Saturday and Sunday. But check before you make a shopping journey there. I don’t know the reason for this, but I’ll try to find out.


Lidl is in better shape, and very well-stocked, I have to say. I wandered the aisles, mouth watering. I did notice a lot of end-of-line bargain offers, including Thornton’s “Continental” Chocolates at £6.99 a box. Are they going to brexit their lines? Lidl does, after all, specialise in cheap lines from the Continent – you often have to know some German or Greek to be sure of what you’re buying… Schokoladeneiskrem, anyone?