Welcome to another edition of WWG NEWS!

Helen, of La Rosa Hotel (where we’ve sadly had to cancel future meetings) writes:

I think this is wisest and we would have been in touch.  We asked the final room to leave the hotel on Sunday morning (they’d had the same idea) after advising all guests booked for that weekend that we could transfer their stays without them losing money.  It’s easy with hindsight but the important thing is to adapt quickly with new information as it comes.
I hope you find ways for the writers group to keep communicating and writing.  Lot of time for creativity to blossom.  Maybe there are ways with social media or certain applications, friends are using the house party app to virtually gather?
Anyhow, look forward to welcoming you all back once this is over.



Today we would have met up for a Poetry Group session. But we had to hold a “virtual” meeting instead. Four poets have put together a very slim “slim volume” – sent round as a PDF on a personal basis, but for copyright reasons it’s something I can’t offer on this site as a download.

But, for what it’s worth, here’s my poem:

The Dog-Wide Web

A shaggy dog –
a shaggy, waggy, baggy doggy –
fixes me with an enquiring eye.
Are you going to throw that stick?
Any of that chocolate bar for me?

But I’m keeping myself to myself
which means that everything of mine he sees
is going to stay that way.
I reply in my mind but I know he is reading it.
Though I doubt he cons everything he sees.

Then he hits the reply button…
You humans don’t conspicuously converse –
I’ve never seen you nose each others’ bums.
Yet all at once you congregate in numbers
Or just as suddenly go off to your kennels.

Is it the weather? Something in the wind?
Or is it all that ziggy-ziggy noise
they squirt down the wires to your computer?
Switch off. Don’t pay it any more attention.
It isn’t doing you the slightest good.

He goes off at his master’s call
by a roundabout route, past every kiosk corner
and in the casual way I nose through my email
he browses the do-dos and dried stains –
the real things in life.


One of the things I like about Thornton’s chocolates is the impressive makeweight.

It’s been a busy day, but I’ve needed a makeweight for this edition of the NEWS.