Welcome to another edition of WWG NEWS.

More people were seen out and about in West Cliff, taking children or the dog for a walk in today’s warm sunny weather. All appeared to be zealously obeying the government rules. The harbourside was mostly deserted. Conspicuous casualties of the lockdown are the wet fish shops, such as The Whitby Catch. With no fishing vessels leaving port, there is no fresh fish to sell.

Last week I failed to mention that on one of my health walks I thought I’d follow the Cinder Track to Larpool Viaduct for its views over the river Esk. I knew work was underway to improve it: what I hadn’t expected was that there would be no more cinders – at least, not north of the Viaduct. This has now been metalled with good quality tarmac, which will please the bike riders greatly, not to mention pedestrians who use the track after heavy rainfall.

Anyone wishing to go out and admire the Council’s handiwork, especially at dusk, should take care: there are deep open ditches either side of the tarmac, obviously awaiting drainage pipes.

The illustration to this article shows a satellite view of the track over the section that has been upgraded. There are plans to continue the re-surfacing as far as Stainsacre.

The Cinder Track has a Facebook group, where I read that work has been suspended over the period of the Covid-19 restrictions.