I’ve built my life around
Having tiger sandwiches for lunch.
I’ve done it for as long as I recall.
Can’t be lunch without my tiger sandwich.

The scientists gang up on me and say
There’s just a thousand tigers in the wild.
And at the rate I’m getting through them
They’re only gonna last three years or so.

I tell the scientists: what do you know?
Counted every one yourself, have you?
Hunters shoot twice tigers they report.
So how can your damn models be correct?

It’s like you pay enough for lawyers
They’re always sure to get you off the hook.
If you give grants to scientists, they’re sure
To tell you everything you wanna hear.

Maybe there’s a stash of tigers lurking
Nobody has ever heard about.
And anyway, the tigers keep on coming
And I keep on having them for lunch.

But… happens that I wake up in the night.
When there’s no sound and fury drowns it out
A still small voice repeats inside my head:
There’s only one way this is going to end.

Which gets me wondering: three years from now
Whatever am I gonna do?
But three years is a long way off as yet.
Maybe I’ll die before I need to worry.

Then I’ll be glad I didn’t make a fuss.
And so I’ll do what everybody else does.
I’m gonna cross bridge when I come to it.
And with a sigh I go back off to sleep.