Duty is sometimes hard, but its rewards are clear.
It gives us peace of mind and purpose above fear:
It gives us calm of heart,
a conscience free from doubt;
It gives us poise of soul
which no one does without.

Duty is sometimes strict, but its calls are sharp and strange—
Our hearts are awed to find such danger in life’s range.
But if we face the fray
and do not dodge or shirk—
We’ll find the direst task
will seem like Heaven’s work.


This is a poem I found on a piece of paper in my mother’s diary. It is untitled and not attributed to anyone but I am certain she didn’t compose it herself. I would just be interested to hear people’s view of it. I have given it the title ‘Duty’. It clearly appealed to a military wife who had been through the war and journeyed with her husband around the world supporting him in his commitments. I think it has some significance in today’s circumstances.

Pip Le Cornu
November, 2020