Chimpanzees don’t say goodbye. They simply walk away.

Jane Goodall

Chimpanzees don’t say goodbye
they simply walk away
trusting in the likelihood
they’ll meet another day
never giving backward glance nor sigh
chimpanzees don’t say goodbye.

Chimpanzees don’t bid farewell
they leave such things to chance
how can anybody know
what’s coming in advance
on future mishaps choosing not to dwell
chimpanzees don’t bid farewell.

Chimpanzees don’t wish good luck
it’s not a thing they say
if something’s going to happen
it’ll happen anyway
never to presume the trend to buck
chimpanzees don’t wish good luck.

Chimpanzees don’t kiss to part
it’s something that’s best done
when they’ve the whole day to pursue
uninterrupted fun
when they cannot finish what they start
chimpanzees don’t kiss to part.

Chimpanzees don’t say goodbye
they silently retire
time that’s spend together must
eventually expire
inevitability is why
chimpanzees don’t say goodbye.