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A Song for the Bees

A Song for the Bees (2010),
edited by Ian Clark.
Undead Tree Publications,
ISBN 978-1-898728-19-1
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The pick of prose and poems read aloud at the Whitby Writers Group during 2009 and 2010.

Illustrated in colour by Leela Clark, Helen Welton and Daphne Wright.

Speccy four-eyes is really Queen of Wood Street; Simple Simon earns a good talking-to; a blazing send-off for a son who could never quite get it together; a family secret means no bringing friends home; guess where a door in a rock by a Welsh lake takes you; an insurance officer gets his ears knocked back; a bereaved sister pleads to move in with all her junk, and the roof of a council tenement becomes the cockpit for world war.


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