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Harry Nicholson

Harry Nicholson now lives near Whitby in North Yorkshire. He grew up in Hartlepool from where his family have fished since the 16th C. He had a first career as a radio officer in the merchant navy. A second career followed in television studios.

Since retirement he has devoted himself to art, poetry and the teaching of meditation. His books include ‘Tom Fleck’, its sequel ‘The Black Caravel, and ‘Green Linnet’, ‘Wandering About, and ‘The Beveren Rabbit.’ In May 2018 he published the first part of his 1950s merchant navy memoir, ‘The Best of Days’, a memoir of the sea and of the ships and crews he sailed with. In 2020, the second volume of that memoir was issued – ‘You’ll See Wonders’.

Also, in 2020, he edited and published a previously unknown manuscript by Lt Mann RNVR of his escape from Singapore in 1942, and his astonishing journey through the swamps of the Dutch East Indies to reach Australia. The manuscript is a priceless record of the sinking of SS Vyner Brooke and the loss of so many fine Australian nurses who were fleeing the Japanese. The story is published as ‘One Jump Ahead’. The original typed and faded manuscript is now safe in the keeping of the Australian Memorial.

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