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Memories, Dreams, Reflections

The full text of Carl Gustav Jung’s memoir Memories, Dreams, Reflections can be downloaded as a PDF here.

One paragraph stood out for me, in which Jung explains (in his own idiom) a problem we all recognise in one form or another. Especially during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The psyche is distinctly more complicated and inaccessible than
the body. It is, so to speak, the half of the world which comes into
existence only when we become conscious of it. For that reason the
psyche is not only a personal but a world problem, and the
psychiatrist has to deal with an entire world.

Nowadays we can see as never before that the peril which
threatens all of us comes not from nature, but from man, from the
psyches of the individual and the mass. The psychic aberration of man is the danger. Everything depends upon whether or not our
psyche functions properly. If certain persons lose their heads
nowadays, a hydrogen bomb will go off.

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