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St Cuthbert’s Sermon

The brothers who bring me supplies
think I preach, express surprise,
but given time and God’s good grace
they’ll find this is a blessed place;
that you may be a better flock
than many far beyond this rock.
They understood so little too
but still they said Amen like you.
You return on holiday
like family who work away;
my welcome warm as your soft down,
and parishes sharing less, I’ve known.
When Easterlies beat about my cell
I know they batter you as well
and God, whose grace will guide us all,
I pray to let no harm befall
as I commend my ducks to Him
that they may come again to swim
among the rocks where they can fish
for mussels fat, their favoured dish.
When each day we meet, beside the shore,
I ask He bless us, for I am sure
He loves all men, the best and worst,
But at Creation, you came first.

Roger J Gould.
Easter Sunday 1/4/18


Picture: Lindisfarne Castle, on Holy Island, Northumberland, England.
Whilst living an ascetic life on the nearby Farne Islands, St Cuthbert (634-687) instituted legal protection for the sea-going eider duck (also called the cuddy duck after him) which nested there in considerable numbers.

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