Minutes of the meeting at La Rosa Hotel on Thursday 22 March 2018.

Present: Jonathan, Mike, Rose, Adele, Ian (chair).

Apologies: Sandra, Louise, Roy, Graham, Jenny. (Louise and Roy said they would attend Jenny’s concert in the evening.)

Topic: Members’ work-in-progress.


Ian — once more reminded those present of the first performance at La Rosa Hotel, by Jenny’s duet Merry Melancholy, of Devereux, Earl of Essex that very evening. Capacity of the venue was limited, and the hotel desk had confirmed to him that it was nearly full with phone-in bookings. All attendees were to pay at the door (£8). A bar would be open before and after the performance.

Rose — observed that many schoolchildren no longer knew the legend of Robin Hood, and outside North Yorkshire many that did know assumed that his story began and ended with Sherwood Forest in Nottingham and were unaware of his connection with Robin Hood’s Bay just south of Whitby. She read an introductory piece to her work-in-progress about the hero.

Mike — read the opening pages of a new untitled work set against the background of a provincial pantomime. All agreed that this was an excellent theme for a satirical novel of social commentary.

Adele — read a short story she had prepared as coursework for her MSc about a conversation between two attendees following an execution by electric chair.

Jonathan — read two poems: a vigorous little item called Dance, plus Golden Girl, featuring the famous statue in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.