At the last meeting on Thursday 19 March, I said I’d post a regular news bulletin on our website to keep members in-touch with one another. I can’t promise a daily broadsheet, but something at least will get posted daily, because I’m serialising The Titan Kiss, by Clark Nida in 3,000 word instalments from Chapter 16 onwards, to serve as a distraction from our present preoccupations.

Meanwhile I’d welcome news from WWG members, for publication in this bulletin. Any topic you like – though of course I’ll cherry-pick what to publish.


How fast things have moved in the last few days! In the light of the recent announcement by the PM it looks like La Rosa Hotel won’t be staying open for much longer. So watch this bulletin for news about the next WWG meeting at La Rosa scheduled for 2 April.

Poetry Group this coming Thursday is still going ahead, however, although the situation is being kept under daily review. Members with queries should use the Contact Form to get in touch with me personally. The situation is somewhat different from WWG La Rosa Group, because we are like family: a close group of friends meeting in each others’ homes and using private transport to get there. Nobody turns up to a meeting “off the street”.

I have to make it clear, though, that as of today we can accept no new members of either the Poetry Group or La Rosa Group, until the present virus emergency is over.


I went to the dentist today, to have a tooth out (as I anticipated). The place was open, but empty, with tearful receptionists having to explain on the phone to enquirers why they could not accept them for an appointment. Luckily mine went ahead, but instead of the tooth being yanked, as I had expected, the dentist saw fit to apply a temporary filling.

Whether this was a stopgap measure (quite literally) I daren’t hazard a guess. He did say he couldn’t give a 20 year guarantee on the filling, but it feels perfectly satisfactory and the toothache has gone away. I think I shall pass up chewing gum and sticks of Whitby Rock for the present, though.

Anyway, a 20 year guarantee would have been gross overkill, if I may put it that way. At my age, by then the tooth will have long been sitting in compost.


Keep those news items rolling in. Otherwise you’ll be reading more of where the above came from.