Welcome to another edition of WWG NEWS!

Nice surprise today. Trying to pick up the threads of Undead Tree sales activity, which I hadn’t looked at since before Christmas, I discovered that meanwhile Lulu.com had paid out royalties of £83.77! All due to Freedom From Torture (FFT), since the books are earmarked for their benefit.

But it was the devil’s own job trying to transfer the money. The PayPal website is not what I’d call user-friendly – and least it’s not friends with this particular user! It’s all got a lot more complicated since I last did it, thanks to all the ways the bad boys keep finding to subvert the system. But it was mainly my fault, because I was trying to push the donation, not pull it. In the end it was simple: log into FFT and press Donate. Then opt to pay by PayPal, and give UDT’s PayPal account number. Job Done.

Click here to see the books that Earthspot Books publishes on Lulu.

What a lovely day it’s been. Took a stroll along the front, to make up for the fact they’ve shut down my gym, and I need to find some other way of greasing my joints or I’ll seize up. So I was outside for “health reasons”. That’s my story, officer, and I’m sticking to it.

But nobody challenged me. Nobody even spoke to me. But everyone crept past me on the other side of the footpath – even the dogs. For my next walk I think I’ll ring a handbell as I shuffle along, crying “Unclean… Unclean!”

But there were very few people out this afternoon, considering how nice the weather was. Since that busy Saturday last, everyone seems to have taken the hint and stayed away from Whitby seafront.

Ian Clark
Chairman, WWG