When the time came for the conference, the President sent Air Force One to collect Dyspepsia and Spookie. When you’re such important guests, you don’t have to travel economy with your legs squashed up.

They met the two heads of state, and they all agreed to share and share alike.

Now three billion dollars turns into two billion pounds, give-or-take a bit of small-change. But it was more than enough to finish the job.

The Monstosaurus’s head was just where Dyspepsia expected it to be: right under Eldon Square Shopping Centre.

The City Council came to her in a body and politely asked if that was it, now, finished. Sadly Dyspepsia shook her head. She hadn’t liked to say anything, but it was perfectly plain to anyone seeing a picture of the beast. Its crowning glory was a pair of enormous antlers.

So Haymarket would have to go as well—and there was worse to come.

One enormous antler stuck out under the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. After they’d got it out, there wasn’t much left of either. The other antler spelled curtains for the Newcastle Civic Centre and the University of Northumbria, then went on to chop right through the Central Motorway.

But by that time people were simply glad to get it all over with.

…to be continued.