When the last bone was dug up, Dyspepsia and Spookie threw a monster party for everyone concerned, and there was enough over for fireworks.

The two big plastics factories made two perfect replicas of every bone. Then they were shuffled around in threes and no one could tell the difference.

One complete set of bones sailed off to America in fourteen oil tankers, and another set went off to China. Then Spookie set to work assembling the third set of bones, with cranes and scaffolding and armies of workmen to help her.

Nobody could agree on what to do with the Monstosaurus, once it was all put together. It needed to be under cover, or rain would spoil it and it would start to smell. That would have been a pity when it had cost all that money.

Newcastle and Sunderland both wanted it, but neither city had a building big enough, nor the space for one. So in the end the bones were buried back underground, exactly where they’d come from, and the big long trench was covered over again.

But not filled in—oh no!

The Monstosaurus stretches all the way from just south of Sunderland City Centre to just north of Newcastle City Centre. You can get down into it at either end and admire it on any day of the week.

There’s a pleasure-boat canal running the length of it, so you can sail along nice and slowly beneath the huge backbone, with people selling you hamburgers and candyfloss all the way.

There’s a super new shopping centre down there to make up for the Bridges and Eldon Square, and a pleasure park where the T rexes used to sit in the dark, chewing away.

It’s a cool place to be, with music and bright lights, and there are bands playing in the legs every Saturday night. And everyone says the best thing ever for Tyne and Wear was digging up the Monstosaurus.


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