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Anitra’s Petition

girl-2844095_1920Anitra Starr has just come of age when she receives a visitor from another world with a grim message.

Her life is now in constant danger unless she petitions the Goubernator for a grant of human rights.

But the Goubernator’s Court sits in Nix City… on the planet Mars. Simply getting there will be an adventure.

Work-in-progress by Clark Nida
(This novel is the sequel to The Titan Kiss.)

Nilsson stared at the remains on the ground. Twelve years had passed since the Prometheus had inserted into lunar orbit – with its crew of dead men. Twelve years under conditions of total preservation due to the intense cold counted as no time at all: the body was just as it had been when it went in its hibernator.
If it was now a charred skeleton, that’s what it had been back then.
After a few second Nilsson spoke with quiet vehemence. “That is not Peter Zwillinge.”

See the last passage read-out aloud to the fortnightly meetings of the Whitby Writers Group, plus the story so far.

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