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Robert Watson Studio for all pictures of La Rosa Hotel.

Wikipedia for pictures of South Caicos, for Othello, for the cartoon depicting Edwardian fashion, and for the cartoon of the attack on Sumner in the US Senate.

Who What Wear UK for the featured basket.

Leela Taylor Illustration and Design for the dragon on the Minutes of 8 March.

Chronicle Live for the picture gracing Jonathan’s poem Golden Girl.

Wikipedia for the picture of Lindisfarne Castle in our Poem of the Week (14/4/2018).

Zaskoda (courtesy of Wikimedia) for the picture of the eider duck featured in the blog of 14/4/2018.

Six Cats. One Dude for the splendid cat-picture gracing Jenny’s poem Anniversary.

Neoneo13 for Bazar at Old Bridge in Mostar, Herzegovina, accompanying Roger’s poem The Latter Yugoslavia.

Freephotos for the ear of wheat accompanying Ian’s poem Eleusis.

Will Barras and Stendec for the stunning picture accompanying Ian’s poem Stendec.

David Dixon, for the picture gracing Adele’s report of the Ted Hughes Festival 2018, of Mytholmroyd, St Michael’s Church, near to Mytholmroyd, Calderdale, Great Britain (3 Sep 2010). Permission granted under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0.

Wikipedia for the picture of Goethe’s hut accompanying Ian’s translation of Goethe’s poems in New light on “Wandrers Nachtlied”.

Wikipedia for the picture of Trawsfynydd nuclear power station accompanying Roger’s poem Fuel Rods.
Original uploader was William M. Connolley at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3447643

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