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There’s Plastic in the Water

There’s plastic in the water
there’s plastic in the air.
Comb it with your plastic comb
there’s plastic in your hair.

There’s plastic in the river
there’s plastic in the sea.
Everywhere you look these days
there’s plastic sure to be.

There’s plastic in your body
there’s plastic in your mind.
If plastic’s what you’re looking for
then plastic’s what you find.

Things that gulp down jellyfish
eat plastic by the ton.
They’re even gulping plastic
when they’re only having fun.

With fish they’ve masticated
birds feed plastic to their chicks.
The chicks get plasticated
and the plastic mastic sticks.

It ain’t no laughing matter
that the plastic’s got so bad.
But people simply shrug and say
so-sad so-sad so-sad.

The situation’s drastic
but the snag won’t go away
till chips and deep-fried plastic’s
what we’re eating every day.

Ian Clark, 2019

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