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VOLCHIN & Other Stories

Collected short stories by Clark Nida
edited by Maxwell Clark.

Published by Earthspot Books (2017)
Paperback, £8.99
ISBN 978-1-898728-44-3

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Notes from the Publisher…

In these stories, Nida takes us to the outer reaches of human experience, from prehistory to the distant future. By turns unsettling and moving, these are stories of acute existential struggle.


A man is torn between the wolves who raised him and the mediaeval monks who tame him.

The Dark before the Dawn
An old lady has a fall in the night. Dawn brings closure to her delirious vigil on the kitchen floor.

A Beer too many
An Egyptian scribe and his deadly rival discover a clerical error spelling doom for one of them.

A Hand in the Dark
A boy caravanning with his absconding mam makes a strange friend in the woods.

Don’t really exist
A tramp in 1950s Hastings finds half a crown – and has a bad time trying to spend it.

The Katzendoppelgänger
Cinders, one of twin kittens, seems obsessed by the spectre of her drowned sibling.

Inner Space
The sage Lao Tan reanimates a corpse, to be trapped for life in the hijacked body.

No Supper for Soddy
A badly burned child ends his days in a locked ward for children with grave learning difficulties.

A hushed-up boyhood experiment gone badly wrong. Decades later it emerges to menace not only the perpetrator.

Face 48
A daring postgraduate project takes form to invade the life of the researcher.

We don’t come from round here
Tansy, raised in a family of expatriate Martians, finds a key which unlocks the door to something unwelcome.

Bad Star
An act of carefree irresponsibility determines how an astronomer will spend his last night on earth.

The Gift of the Ancestors
Two brothers undertake a hazardous journey to bring back a magical prize to comfort their dying mother.

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