Minutes of the meeting at La Rosa Hotel on Thursday 12 July 2018.

Present: Adele, Graham, Jonathan, PipIan (chair).

ApologiesJenny, Louise, Roy.

Topic: Members’ work-in-progress.


Ian [Anitra’s Petition] — Nanoud teaches Anitra to speak Groubian. Why the groubians’ sacred text: The Book of Titan, is lethal for a gaian to read.

Pip [Caicos Moon] — The training of Nimrod continues: he can now be taken for walks. An official visit to Grand Turk is arranged, hosted by Mr Golding, the Administrator of the Turks & Caicos Islands. It is 1966 and NASA has a tracking station on the island. Pip’s father (retired RAF) is invited to fire off a rocket.

Jonathan — read out 2 poems:

1. Poseidon, featuring the god’s classical attributes,

2. An Abandoned Mission Station in inland Papua-New Guinea.

Ian proposed no. 2 as Poem of the Week, carried nem con.

Adele – presented a new play, written as coursework for her MA in Creative Writing, and handed out parts for an impromptu playreading. Sybil is in the early stages of Alzheimers, and is driving her husband to distraction with her lapses of memory. There are family undercurrents, which pass clean over Sybil’s head.

Graham — the Douro has reached Rio, and the crew have taken shore-leave. The young hero, with a friend called “Bonehead”, have adventures on Copacabana Beach, eventually meeting a stunning girl who takes them back home for tea. It becomes clear she is from a wealthy family. Only just in time, she manages to drive them back to their departing ship.

The meeting concluded late, at 1:15 PM.