Forwarded today from Leela Taylor (my daughter), who has pictures exhibited…

From: Michael Hall –
Sent: 16 August 2018 03:53:03 (UTC-12:00) International Date Line West
Subject: DESIGN DIRECTION (DES4036-N-KB2-2017): MA Degree Show Invitation

Hello everyone,

Here is an invitation to the final display of work by MA Future Design and MA Digital Arts & Design students at Teesside University, 2018.

Please distribute the invitation amongst your friends, family and professional networks.

Don’t forget to invite people who may have helped to support your work throughout your MA.

We are looking forward to an excellent show of work.

The exhibition is taking place in the ATHENA BUILDING at Teesside University campus (north side of Southfield Road).

Tomorrow (Friday 24 August 2018) is the last day to see the show.

Ian Clark