Minutes of the meeting at La Rosa Hotel on Thursday 26 July 2018.

Present: Adele, LouiseJonathan, Pip, MikeIan (chair).

ApologiesJenny,  RoyGraham.

Topic: Members’ work-in-progress.


Mike — offered an impromptu play-reading for his new play: Razzle Dazzle. Interest has been shown in it from Bridlington. A lady of “a certain age” consults a sex-therapist of uncertain qualifications. Adele took the part of the Lady and Mike himself took the other part.

Jonathan — read the first part of a short story set in pre-Roman Britain, based on a historical event. The Brigantine queen Cartimandui is petitioned for sanctuary by a vagrant who claims to be the deposed king, Caractacus, of a neighbouring kingdom. She questions his identity.

Ian [Anitra’s Petition] — In a despairing attempt to enable Anitra to continue her journey to Mars, and not be subpoenaed to remain on the Moon to testify at his trial, Peter Zwillinge, recovering from his recent injuries in the Galen Clinic, offers to sign a confession drawn up by Commissioner Nilsson. But it is not clear whether Nilsson will offer anything in return. Peter, in spite of his apparent incapacity, threatens suicide before the trial, and Nilsson knows he is not to be doubted.

Adele — had two contributions for reading aloud:
1. (The continuation of the play begun at the last meeting.) Sandra and Carly are planning their holiday together. But much to their annoyance, Ray barges in on their deliberations in a desperate state: Sybil, Sandra’s mother, in the grip of Alzheimers, has become totally uncontrollable and he wants Sandra to have her certified. Parts were taken by Louise (Carly), Jonathan (Ray), and Adele herself (Sandra).
2. (An untitled monologue to be performed that same night at Middlesbrough Central Library.) A patient being investigated for a brain tumour soliloquises on her past life and present condition as she lies restrained inside a MRI scanner.

The meeting, the last before the Group’s August break, finished at 12:50 PM. There are no more meetings until 6 September 2018.