Minutes of the meeting at La Rosa Hotel on Thursday 18 April 2019.

Present: Jonathan, Mike,  JennyLouiseIan (chair).

Apologies:  Adele.

Topic: Members’ work-in-progress.


Matters Arising

Ian reported that since the appearance of our advert in the Whitby Gazette, there has been one enquiry, from a lady who might come along in May.

Members’ Readings

Mike — [Aladdin]: There are only six more performances to run. Steve the Soap Star takes charge of 4 year old Simon, his illegitimate son, the boy’s mother having only a few days to live. Steve’s wife and daughter have been told that the boy is coming to stay, but nothing more than that.

Jenny, — read a poem entitled Unlooked-for, featuring a blocked-off alley that runs downhill from her terrace of town houses, and the man who covertly tends it and its stock of tiny ferns and wild flowers. A discussion ensued over the meaning of “snicket” and its use in a Whitby context, which has its share of suchlike historical alleyways.

Jonathan — has reworked an article already presented to the group, concerning a bus journey he made in the 1960s in the arid countryside of northern Greece through the Metsovon Pass. Rest stops at mountain springs hark back to a lost world of unspoilt scenery and primitive conditions. Ian‘s recollection of inflight magazines as being the natural home for this article was antiquated, in the opinion of other members who had flown more recently, such publications nowadays consisting of little more than advertisements. The Oldie was put forward.

Ian [Anitra’s Petition] — Oberon has inserted into Mars orbit, but Dolpou is adamant that she won’t be clearing Anitra with immigration at Voronka Cosmodrome. The groubians have other plans for her, to pluck her from the dangers that surround her. Presently the entire Groubian Echelon led by General Nanoud arrives in single-pilot interceptors, threatening to storm the ice-world. Captain Mond sees no option but to invite them to board peacefully. In vastly excessive numbers for a guard-of-honour for Anitra, they have been charged by the Goubernator with an additional task: to arrest Peter Zwillinge. But thanks to the intervention of Commissioner Nilsson, who promises he will not be surrendered to the Vratch, the expected casualties do not materialise and Peter agrees to come quietly.

The meeting closed at 12:40 PM.