Welcome to another edition of WWG NEWS!

This is perforce going to be a short bulletin. I won’t say nothing has happened. But it is mostly technical and won’t make good general reading.

Comments are beginning to trickle in about the poems in our Virtual Poetry Group meeting. I think I shall issue an updated PDF with the comments inserted after each poem that has attracted them. A qualified success – enough to encourage me to repeat the formula in 2 weeks’ time.

I’m sorry I can’t let you download our first Virtual Poetry Group PDF, as this would represent “publication” which might violate First British Serial Rights, or get our competition entries disqualified. But if you send me a request via the Contact form on this website, and I know your name, I might email you a copy.

I haven’t been out very far today. I feel glad I enjoyed the sunshine of Thursday and Friday to the fullest extent, because today, having staggered up the wind-tunnel of Crescent Avenue to the sea front, the rain-laden North Wind blew me back again. I didn’t even make it as far as the Victorian shelters on the promenade. Taking a brief glance at the sea, which was like undulating chiselled slate, I turned round and scuttled for home and a hot drink.

Adele and I have been trying out teleconferencing using Apple’s FaceTime, which took me a while to set up on my iPad. We both agreed it was too much to expect our Poetry Group to readily take to. My daughter Leela disagrees, saying that their local Mums group has run a successful teleconference on Zoom and has persuaded me to set up a trial mini-conference with just me and her. I shall report back on my experience.